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About Labiaplasty

If you would like to speak with an experienced OBGYN for a consultation for labiaplasty or vaginoplasty, we invite you to meet with one of our practitioners at Essential Women's Health Associates. If you have stretched out or misshapen vaginal tissues on the inside or out, our labiaplasty services may be needed to alter your delicate feminine tissues. We treat women with labiaplasty due to the vaginal changes from giving birth, losing weight, aging, and more. Schedule a private consultation with one of our experienced OBGYNs at Essential Women's Health Associates in Henderson or Las Vegas, NV to find out more about the advantages of this surgery and if you are a candidate. Request your appointment time today.

Ideal Candidates

If the skin and tissues of your labia or vagina are severely atrophied, then surgery is generally the only option you have to change it. You may be a candidate for this type of surgery because the skin and tissues are causing pain, irritation from friction, itchy skin, and discomfort. During physical exercise, movement, fitted clothes, or sexual intercourse, the pain may be unbearable. You may also be concern about the aesthetics of your vagina or labia. The shape and size can be altered with this surgery.

Surgical Technique

Your initial consultation will be held in our Las Vegas or Henderson, NV office. Your surgery will actually take place in a local outpatient surgery center or hospital where your practitioner has medical privileges. General anesthesia will be used in your surgery. Labiaplasty will involve the excision of the atrophied skin and tissues of the labia. The labia will be sutured closed after the labiaplasty is finished. In a vaginoplasty, your practitioner will remove extra skin in the vaginal walls and will open up a section or "wedge" of the vagina to tighten the muscles that have atrophied, and then suture the skin back together.

Since a general anesthetic will be implemented, we require that you have a responsible person drive you home after your surgery. Your medical team will also send you on your way with aftercare instructions once you have been discharged by the doctor.

Other Considerations

Taking a week off from work to recover from labiaplasty or vaginoplasty is likely the minimum number of days you will want to stay home after surgery to recuperate from the discomfort and swelling. Applying ice packs or cold compresses to the area should help minimize swelling and numb the area some. We do not recommend that you use tampons during your menstrual cycle or have sexual intercourse until it is approved by your practitioner. Many patients of Essential Women's Health Associates resume these activities about 4 – 6 weeks after the surgery. It may take up to six months to see your final surgical outcome. Keep in mind that your skin will still age after this surgery and will be impacted by childbirth, weight changes, hormones, menopause, and aging.

Let's Get Candid about Surgery

Let's have a straightforward conversation about the appearance of your vaginal area at our office in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV. Our board-eligible and board-certified OBGYNs have decades of surgical experience when it comes to feminine health. How you look and feel about your womanhood are both very important factors and surgery can help. The size and shape of your labia may be a delicate matter to you. We are here to listen to your concerns and offer suggestions as to how we can meet your goals privately at Essential Women's Health Associates. Call for a consultation.

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