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About VBAC

Would you like to deliver your next baby vaginally after having an emergency C-section the first time? Did your birth plan go out the window when it was actually time for your baby to come into this world for unforeseen circumstances? Vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC) is a birthing option that progresses naturally rather than forcing a birth via surgery.

Being forced to have a C-section to keep you and your baby safe may be physically and emotionally hard on your body and mind when you were hoping for a natural, vaginal birth. At Essential Women's Health Associates in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV, our highly trained and experienced OBGYNs can consult with you about having a VBAC delivery for your subsequent pregnancy. Our medical team and practitioners all look forward to helping you grow your family with a personalized birth plan you strive to achieve.

Reasons for a VBAC

Many women would like the opportunity to have their next baby through the vaginal canal. The good news is that there are great reasons to try for a VBAC. When you have your baby vaginally, there are no abdominal surgical incisions to recover from and you heal faster. Surgery complications usually outweigh the risks of vaginal birth. There will be no surgical scar across your abdomen. It can also be a great indicator that an additional pregnancy after a VBAC could also be repeated. We do not recommend a VBAC for pregnant women over the age of 40, are obese, have a high vertical uterine incision from previous surgery, or have a history of uterine fibroids or uterine rupture. 

Risks of a VBAC

We do want you to know that risks are rare when it comes to having your baby through the birth canal instead of having the baby taken out surgically. You may risk having a uterine tear and too much blood loss. If the birth plan to have your baby vaginally does not go as planned, then we will most likely schedule you for an emergency C-section.

Other considerations

When we revert back to a C-section to bring your baby into this world, this will probably be because it was no longer safe for your baby to remain in your womb. By monitoring your baby's heart rate, we will be able to tell if he or she is in distress at any point during your labor. Other reasons we will perform a C-section are the following:

  • Your labor is stalled 
  • Your cervix will not dilate appropriately
  • Your baby or babies are not in the right position (breech) and will not move
  • The umbilical cord is not where it is supposed to be
  • It is not safe for your baby to be born vaginally
  • Your OBGYN finds a growth or a fibroid blocking the birth canal
  • You have an outbreak of genital herpes or other sexually transmitted infections
  • Your health starts to decline during labor
  • Your baby has a medical condition where a vaginal birth may be damaging 

This list is not all-inclusive as to all the reasons why we move forward with C-section instead of waiting it out to deliver vaginally.

There's A chance for VBAC

Not every woman has to have Cesarean delivery just because the first one did not go as planned. Our OBGYNs may birth your baby vaginally in a VBAC delivery. Give us a call at Essential Women's Health Associates in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV to see if you qualify to have your baby the way you want the birth of your baby to go this time around.

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