Pelvic Floor Disorders in Las Vegas, NV

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About Pelvic Floor Disorders

You probably had a better quality of life before you experienced the symptoms of a pelvic floor disorder. At Essential Women's Health Associates in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, we offer both conservative and surgical management of pelvic floor disorders of the vagina, bladder, rectum, and uterus when they drop into a lower position than normal. The symptoms of pelvic floor disorders can be generalized as pain in the lower abdomen or pelvic region. However, there are specific areas that have their own complex symptoms:

With a bladder prolapse, your actual bladder may fall into your rectal or vaginal area. This can cause urinary incontinence, bladder infections, a frequent need for urination, and more.

You may feel continuous pressure or a bulge within your rectum from the vagina. You may also have a hard time with constipation, have recurrent bowel obstructions or fecal incontinence, have no control when passing gas, and endure an inability to push out a bowel movement without assistance.

Your weak pelvic floor muscles may be so atrophied that they will no longer support your uterus, which may make it fall down into your vagina.

You may have a difficult time enjoying sexual intercourse because of the pain a prolapsed vagina causes inside and outside of your body.

If you would like to talk to a specialist about your pelvic organ prolapse, you can count on our board-certified or board-eligible OBGYNs at Essential Women's Health Associates with decades of urogynecology and surgical experience. We offer consultations for female pelvic organ reconstruction and the repair of a prolapsed pelvic floor. If you would like to have a conversation with a compassionate, caring OBGYN about your feminine health and surrounding organs, please request an appointment today.

Known Causes

Our team at Essential Women's Health Associates sees women of all ages with the symptoms of a pelvic floor disorder. Having a baby vaginally is a major cause for pelvic floor disorder cases, but there are many more ways to weaken the pelvic floor. Women can diminish the strength of the pelvic floor muscles by:

  • Having one or multiple pregnancies (with or without a vaginal birth)
  • Being overweight, obese, or morbidly obese
  • Enduring a severe injury to your pelvic region
  • Developing nerve damage in the pelvic floor muscles
  • Any type of surgery within the pelvis, such as a hysterectomy

Pelvic floor disorders can develop organ distention where the bladder, uterus, vagina, or rectum is visible on the outside of the body. 

Treatment Options

Your OBGYN will perform imaging, physical and pelvic exams, and more to provide you with a diagnosis and specific treatment information you need to make a decision on how to treat it. Your recommendations may include:

Behavior modifications

  • Living at a healthy weight
  • Eating a healthy diet that does not aggravate your digestive tract
  • Getting light to moderate amounts of exercise
  • Not lifting heavy weights
  • Doing routine Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

Pelvic floor therapies

  • Attending biofeedback therapy appointments or pelvic floor electrical stimulation/neurostimulation (InterStim) sessions
  • Getting bulking agent injections


  • Having pelvic organ prolapse (POP) surgery
  • Repairing your pelvic floor for bowel or bladder incontinence 

Other Considerations

While we can provide you with treatment and medication management when it comes to acute or chronic bladder disorders, there are natural ways to ease your symptoms, such as:

  • Avoiding triggers, like diuretics, caffeine, medications, and foods, that aggravate or cause bloat
  • Losing weight so that the excess pounds in your midsection are not putting undue pressure on your organs
  • Performing daily pelvic floor muscle exercises and Kegels (as directed)

If you are unsure how to avoid pelvic floor disorder triggers, we can have an in-depth conversation about getting the most out of your treatment.

TO Your Female Health

Learn more about your options in pelvic floor disorders at a consultation in a private treatment room at Essential Women's Health Associates in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV. Disorders of the pelvic floor are uncomfortable and can interfere in many aspects of your life. Make an appointment today, and we will lead you to enjoy a healthier, less discomforting life.

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