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What are Well-Woman Exams?

A woman’s relationship with her gynecologist is a private and very important one. At Essential Women's Health Associates, we will care for you in a variety of ways throughout your life. We offer a full range of gynecological services to help you through different facets of your life. Our team of board-certified or board-eligible OBGYNs offer well-woman exams, which are routine annual screenings to women of all ages. Our doctors are specialists in the full range of gynecologic problems, obstetrics, and more. Our services can help with pelvic pain, dysfunctional bleeding, fibroids, endometriosis, infertility, sexual dysfunction, pregnancy, delivery, menopause, and hormonal changes. We are equipped with the latest technologies to assist you with these problems, and if you should need surgery, our highly skilled OBGYNs will assist you using the most advanced, minimally invasive procedures.

Because of their proactive nature, well-woman exams are essential to maintaining good health. One hour of your time in a well-woman exam for a physical, pelvic, and breast exam is well worth the investment each year. Make an appointment at one of our two locations in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV at Essential Women's Health Associates today. We look forward to meeting you and delivering life-long OBGYN care.

What are the benefits?

Our Las Vegas, NV patients gain a number of benefits from scheduling their regular well-woman exams with our practitioners at Essential Women's Health Associates, including:

  • Establish a baseline for your health
  • Access to further testing, such as mammograms
  • Stay on top of your regular pap smears and testing
  • Prevent health concerns from developing into larger issues

Am I a candidate for a well-woman exam?

Women's wellness visits are expected annual exams for any woman age eighteen and up, or anyone who is sexually active. These exams are created with your health in mind and offer a range of preventive services. Your exam may include sexual wellness, vaginal examinations, mammograms, or more, depending on your unique medical history and concerns at the time. This exam should be performed yearly at Essential Women's Health Associates so as to catch any health concerns and address them in a timely manner.

What can I expect during my well-woman exam?

You will be asked to change into a paper gown before your OBGYN arrives. Once in the room, the doctor will perform several exams.

Based on your age or symptoms, your OBGYN may ask for additional testing or send you to a specialist with a referral. These follow-ups may include (but are not limited to):

  • Bone density screening
  • Hormone testing (blood work)
  • Mammograms
  • STD or STI testing
  • Ultrasounds
  • Updates on immunizations
  • Colonoscopy (for fecal incontinence)

What can I expect during a Pelvic and Breast Exam?

Your doctor will perform an external and internal examination of your pelvic area while you lie on your back on the examination table with your feet in stirrups. During the external exam, there will be an inspection of the outside of the vagina. Your doctor may also choose to manually feel (with two gloved fingers) your cervix, uterus, and ovaries while pushing on the abdomen at the same time to inspect the position of your cervix and to detect abnormalities.

During the pelvic exam, your doctor may also perform a pap smear (also called a pap test or Papanicolaou smear) to screen for cervical cancer cells. While the speculum is still in the vaginal opening, your doctor will perform a pap smear by collecting cells off of the cervix (with a brushing technique) to send to the laboratory for testing.

For the internal exam, a speculum will be inserted into your vagina to open up the area for the doctor to get a better view of the cervix and vaginal walls. The doctor will look and feel for infections, sores, moles, discoloration, discharge, or other problems as indicated.

During a breast examination, you will be asked to lie on the examination table on your back. Your doctor will examine you by feeling the breast (one at a time) and in the underarm for lumps and abnormalities. If you are at the appropriate age for a mammogram or if there is a concern after your breast examination, we will refer you to have this exam.

Other Considerations

All of our services at Essential Women's Health Associates are held in the highest standards of privacy and confidence. If needed or requested, we can also provide guidance and services for the following:

  • Advanced maternal age in pregnancy
  • Severe cramping with or without heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Birth control 
  • Fertility and infertility testing (with referrals if needed)
  • Menopause management
  • Any type of incontinence

Well-woman exam FAQs

How often should I get a well-woman exam?

Most women should see an OB/GYN once a year for a well-woman exam, beginning at age 21. Women with certain medical conditions that affect their reproductive health may need to visit Essential Women's Health Associates more often for checkups. Patients with risk factors for certain cancers may also need more frequent exams.

How do I prepare for a well-woman exam?

Patients can put together a list of current medications and supplements they are taking before their appointment. It's also helpful to know the date and length of your last period. This information can be discussed with your OB/GYN to determine your personalized care plan in Las Vegas, NV.

Are well-woman exams covered by insurance?

Most health insurance plans do cover a well-woman exam, including lab work, Pap smears, and tests for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). However, it does depend on your individual care plan. Ask our administrative team about financing options during your initial appointment.

Your Care Is Our Priority

The practitioners at Essential Women's Health Associates would be happy to have you on their schedule for a well-woman exam. If you would like to see one of our doctors for your gynecological care, please call our office in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV to get on our appointment schedule.

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