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What is Fertility Testing?

At Essential Women's Health Associates, we conduct comprehensive fertility testing for women in the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV area. We offer comprehensive fertility assessments for our patients who have been trying to conceive for a year without success. Women over the age of 35 should explore fertility testing options if pregnancy has not occurred within six months of actively trying. We also can perform fertility testing for women who want to know more about their ability to have a baby before trying to conceive. 

Your OBGYN at Essential Women's Health Associates will review which fertility tests are appropriate for you. Expect the least invasive tests and assessments to be recommended first. We can do this through private discussions about your health, sexual history, and any medications you are taking. Your experienced OBGYN will perform a pelvic exam, test your blood for hormonal imbalances, and reproductive organ imaging with ultrasounds. We can even discuss how you are timing out the most fertile time in your cycle that will be optimal for getting pregnant. Before we do any further testing (like surgery), we will exhaust all other methods before offering an invasive procedure. If you would like to know more about your fertility, please contact us online or call and speak with one of our patient care coordinators for an appointment.

What are the benefits?

Fertility testing at Essential Women's Health Associates can be a wonderful option for our Las Vegas, NV patients who are struggling to conceive, or curious about their overall fertility, providing benefits such as:

  • Thorough hormonal checkup that checks your body's balances
  • Baseline of health that can be worked from to achieve future goals
  • Reliable, trusted test within the medical community
  • Helps you understand and work with your body

Who is a candidate for for Fertility Testing?

To achieve a successful pregnancy, you may need to rule out the reasons why you cannot become pregnant or prevent a miscarriage. Women over the age of 35 are naturally going to have a more difficult time trying to conceive. There may be an underlying feminine health issue, like endometriosis, growths within your reproductive organs, menstruation/ovulation irregularities, hormonal issues, pelvic inflammation, and others that need to be diagnosed and treated. You may be beginning menopause (or perimenopause). There could also be a combination of issues hampering your ability to make a baby, and our OBGYNs at Essential Women's Health Associates will help you find the reason why. With a strategic fertility plan, we will assist you with medical interventions while you are trying to conceive.

Your testing options

Blood Test

A blood hormone level test can tell us about how your hormones may be impeding your ability to become or stay pregnant. We may even request that you come in several times within one menstrual/ovulation cycle so we can study how your hormones rise and fall throughout the month.

Ovulation Testing

Ovulation testing is can be very helpful in determining when you are ovulating (releasing an egg to be fertilized). These are urine-based tests that check for spikes in luteinizing hormone (LH). While we can perform these tests in our office, many patients prefer to do this test at home using an over-the-counter ovulation testing strip kit. 

Ovarian Reserve Testing

When we need to measure the quality and number of eggs in your supply, we can perform ovarian reserve testing from your blood to evaluate hormone levels throughout your menstrual cycle.


Using our ultrasound technology, we can view your reproductive organs to check for uterine abnormalities, like fibroids or ovarian cysts. At Essential Women's Health Associates, we offer handheld ultrasounds with the device on top of the abdomen or transvaginally (within the vagina) to get a better picture of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, and vagina without making a surgical incision. 

Minimally invasive Tests

Our minimally invasive fertility tests can be performed in an outpatient or hospital setting. A hysterectomy or laparoscopy diagnostic procedure requires an anesthetic. Minimally invasive techniques can evaluate the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes for blockages, endometriosis, scar tissue, or other problems with the reproductive organs by going inside your body for imaging.

Other Considerations

Your partner should also be tested for male factor infertility early in your diagnostic process to prevent you from having unnecessary invasive testing. This can be achieved with a semen analysis to learn more about the quantity and quality of sperm your partner is producing.

Infertility testing FAQ

What are the common causes of infertility?
Infertility can stem from various factors, often divided into male and female causes. Male-related issues may include low sperm count or sperm abnormalities, while common causes in women encompass ovulation disorders, blocked fallopian tubes, or uterine conditions. At Essential Women's Health Associates, we will help determine the root cause of infertility to focus on an action plan.

What are the typical treatments for infertility?
Treatment varies based on the specific cause. It may involve medication to stimulate ovulation, surgical interventions to correct anatomical issues, or assisted reproductive technology methods such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Is infertility treatment guaranteed to work?
No treatment can guarantee success, and infertility treatment is no exception. Success rates depend on various factors including age, overall health, the cause of infertility, and the treatment method used. However, many individuals and couples have found success with these treatments.

Assessing Your Fertility

Both you and your partner should be assessed for fertility. We can refer your partner to a male fertility specialist. We ask that you do this because every aspect counts and if your partner has fertility issues, this may save you from having unnecessary medical testing or surgery. Contact our obstetrics department at Essential Women's Health Associates in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV to learn more about your fertility and schedule an appointment.

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