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What is Tubal Ligation?

Whether you have had a baby, multiple babies, or never been pregnant, our OBGYNs at Essential Women's Health Associates can provide you with information about tubal ligation after a Cesarean-section delivery or a mini-laparotomy when an incision has to be made. As a surgery that seals off your fallopian tubes, a tubal ligation will become a barrier to pregnancy. You may know this surgery as "having your tubes tied." Our team is dedicated to listening to your wishes and concerns when it comes to your reproductive health.

One of our highly qualified OBGYNs can discuss all your nonsurgical and surgical treatment options to you. It would be our pleasure to help you find and select the right method of contraception for your lifestyle. Discover more about tubal ligation at your next appointment in our Las Vegas or Henderson, NV office.

Who is a Candidate for TUBAL LIGATION?

If you are sure that you do not want to have another baby, you can consult with our practitioners at Essential Women's Health Associates for a minimally invasive tubal ligation. While a tubal ligation reversal is possible in the future, it can decrease your ability to get pregnant afterward. 

What to expect during TUBAL LIGATION

All our tubal ligation procedures are performed at an accredited surgical facility or local hospital.

Mini-laparotomy (after vaginal delivery)
If you are planning on delivering vaginally and all goes according to plan, then you can still have a mini-laparotomy while you are in the hospital. After the birth of your baby, your practitioner can take you to surgery for the mini-laparotomy. By placing an incision right below your navel, the fallopian tubes can be accessed for the procedure.

If you decide you would like this procedure without having another baby, we can schedule a mini-laparotomy without a delivery. Many women decide later that they would like to have a tubal ligation after their last baby. Also, we can perform a mini-laparotomy if you would like a tubal ligation without having a baby. We will talk privately in a consultation room about your options.

Cesarean tubal ligation (after C-section delivery)
Without making a second incision, you can have a cesarean tubal ligation right after your baby comes out of the womb. Your OBGYN will have access to your fallopian tubes by using the same incision and making only one scar.

How long is recovery after TUBAL LIGATION?

Your post-surgical incision will need to be handled with great care. Keeping it clean and following your doctor's orders on what your restrictions are will be important to your recovery. Your Essential Women's Health Associates surgical team will prep you for all post-operative care before you are released. 

Tubal Ligation FAQ

How effective is tubal ligation in preventing pregnancy?
Tubal ligation is highly effective, with a low failure rate. The risk of pregnancy after the procedure is generally less than 1%.

Does tubal ligation affect menstrual cycles or menopause?
Tubal ligation does not affect menstrual cycles or menopause. It only blocks the fallopian tubes, preventing eggs from reaching the uterus.

Can I get pregnant immediately after tubal ligation?
Tubal ligation is not immediately effective. It takes a few days to a week for the procedure to prevent pregnancy fully. Women are advised to use an alternative form of contraception until confirmed by a member of our team at Essential Women's Health Associates.

Ask about tubal ligation

Are you prepared to commit to a long-term, pregnancy prevention surgery? If you're ready to discuss details about a possible tubal ligation, contact Essential Women's Health Associates for details. If you are not sure if you are ready for long-term sterilization, then we can also discuss other contraception methods that may work well with your lifestyle. Call and schedule your appointment today at our Las Vegas or Henderson, NV locations.

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