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About Incontinence

At Essential Women's Health Associates, we understand how difficult it can be to live with the constant discomfort and unmanageable symptoms of incontinence. Seeing our board-certified or board-eligible OBGYNs at our Las Vegas or Henderson, NV office for your incontinence problems is just an appointment request away from finding some relief. If you have one or a combination of urinary incontinence problems, we have nonsurgical and surgical methods to relieve your uncontrollable symptoms. You can be at any age and have incontinence issues; however, when the symptoms become chronic, you need to schedule an appointment with an incontinence specialist. Our medical team at Essential Women's Health Associates can diagnose and treat your incontinence and find out if you have a primary medical condition contributing to the matter. We invite you to learn more at either location in the Greater Las Vegas, NV area.

Types of Incontinence

Urge incontinence
When you have urge incontinence, you may experience abrupt, intense pressure to urinate. This may cause a small amount of urinary leakage to a full bathroom accident.

Stress incontinence
After urinating, you may still feel like you have to go to the bathroom. With stress incontinence, you may even feel yourself not able to hold your urine even the smallest drips, especially when jumping, harshly coughing, sneezing, or laughing.

Overflow incontinence
Women with overflow incontinence have a condition where their bladders do not fully empty when urinating. This causes the bladder to release urine little by little between bathroom breaks.

Functional incontinence
If you do not have the capacity to go to the toilet on your own or in enough time to not have a bathroom accident, then you may have functional incontinence.

When you experience more than one of the four types, then you may have mixed incontinence.

Known Causes

In cases of incontinence, your pelvic floor and surrounding muscles may be too weak or atrophied because you:

  • Are overweight (especially in your midsection)
  • Are in menopause
  • Have a hormonal imbalance
  • Have a family history of incontinence
  • Have given birth vaginally
  • Have abnormalities in your bladder
  • Have had a hysterectomy
  • Have urinary leakage after forceful coughing, sneezing, laughing, jumping, or lifting weighty objects
  • Have a medical condition that puts strain on your pelvic floor

There are many instances, causes, and levels of severity with incontinence. Your OBGYN at Essential Women's Health Associates will discuss your possible causes during the diagnostic phase of your incontinence treatment.

Treatment Options

There are several lifestyle changes you can make to decrease the amount of inflammation and stress you put on your bladder. It is important to know your incontinence triggers so that you can avoid initiating incontinence. You can also incorporate diet modifications, weight-loss strategies, bladder retraining, limits on fluid intake, and more.

As for therapeutic interventions, we may recommend physical therapy for your pelvic floor, medications that ease incontinence symptoms (anti-diuretics, antispasmodics, and tricyclic antidepressants), and/or neurostimulation sessions. There are also urethral bulking agent injections and surgeries you may qualify for when incontinence is in the more severe stages.

Don't hold off getting help

Finding you some relief for incontinence is a top priority because we know that these symptoms will cause disruption in your life. We can diagnose your condition and design a treatment plan that will be in your best interest now and in the long-term. Incontinence commonly needs to be managed, and we have the knowledge and experience to give you the care you need. To learn more, request information from our OBGYNs at Essential Women's Health Associates in our Las Vegas or Henderson, NV office today.

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