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What is Heavy Bleeding?

Are you concerned about your menstrual periods being really heavy each month? Our practitioners at Essential Women's Health Associates regularly treat women of all ages for menorrhagia or heavy period flow. This condition can look different for every woman and may not be the only symptom. You may also be dealing with:

  • Period flow that soaks through a sanitary pad and onto your clothes or on the bed while sleeping
  • Anemia
  • Blood clots passing through urination
  • Harsh menstrual cramps

Find answers and well-planned solutions for your symptoms of heavy menstrual flow at either office in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV. Essential Women's Health Associates offers diagnostic evaluations and treatments to meet your feminine health needs when you need it most.

What causes Heavy menstrual bleeding?

We have diagnosed and treated many women with excessive bleeding during their period. They also know that a thorough examination to figure out why it is happening is very necessary. Heavy bleeding can be caused by unbalanced hormones, growths in the uterus, endometriosis, hypothyroidism, pelvic inflammatory disease, kidney or liver dysfunction, and more. Menorrhagia can also be one of the indicators of precancer or cancer of the uterus, cervix, or ovaries. It is important to have this checked out by one of our OBGYNs so that you can figure out your cause, have some peace of mind, and improve your quality of life at any time of the month. We have several options in treating this condition with medication, intrauterine devices, ablation techniques, or surgery.

How is heavy menstrual bleeding treated?

Hormone-Releasing Treatments

Hormone-releasing treatments may include oral medications, like birth control pills, or an implanted intrauterine device (IUD). By manipulating your hormones, you can treat heavy bleeding with medications that communicate with your body to not produce such a thick uterine lining to shed each month (during ovulation).  

Hormone-releasing IUDs can be inserted in an in-office appointment. The IUD can be removed if you decide that you want to try to conceive.

Ablation Techniques

Using innovative technologies, we can perform endometrial ablation to reduce the thickness of your uterine lining. Provided with a local anesthetic and guided with an ultrasound, your practitioner can ablate your uterine lining.

Surgical Intervention

When other interventions for lightening your heavy flow have not been effective, your gynecologist may suggest a corrective surgery. During a diagnostic hysteroscopy, your practitioner will insert a hysteroscope into your uterus (through the vagina) to view and remove fibroids, polyps, and/or your uterine lining without making an incision. Your surgeon will not remove your uterus in this procedure.

If a hysterectomy is necessary, we do offer hysteroscopies, laparoscopic surgery, or robot-assisted hysterectomies under a general anesthetic. This surgery would remove your uterus, but it may spare your ovaries and fallopian tubes. Your practitioner will discuss the best course of action in your particular case.

What can I expect during heavy menstrual bleeding treatment?

As there are many options in treating your heavy menstrual flow, our practitioners at Essential Women's Health Associates will partner with you in making decisions about your feminine and reproductive health. You will have a specific treatment plan designed to meet your goals in the least invasive way as possible until surgery is necessary.

What to Expect After Heavy Bleeding Treatment

Essential Women's Health Associates will provide a full evaluation and follow-up plan for your menstrual cycle health. Regular visits with our practitioners will ensure that your treatment is successful, monitor any changes in your symptoms, and make sure you are feeling better overall. We are dedicated to helping you understand your body, the changes it is going through, and how to best manage them. Our Las Vegas or Henderson, NV patients should continue to come back for regular check-ups and screenings to stay on top of their overall health.

Heavy bleeding FAQs

What is considered a normal period?

What is considered a normal menstrual cycle actually varies greatly. A period can last anywhere from 3 – 7 days, with some women experiencing heavy bleeding and others having only light spotting. If you have a period that does not feel “normal” compared to your previous periods, contact Essential Women's Health Associates for a health assessment.

Should I be worried about heavy menstrual bleeding?

Not necessarily. There are many reasons why someone would have heavy bleeding during their periods. It may indicate a serious health condition, but it could also be caused by something simple. However, it is always best to meet with a skilled medical professional so we can test for certain conditions. Our goal is to treat the cause of your heavy menstrual bleeding, not just the symptoms.

What does it mean if my periods are irregular?

It is normal for your menstrual cycle to be slightly different from one month to the next. If you do not get a period every month but still ovulate and have some bleeding, this is referred to as an irregular cycle. Our staff will talk to you about your irregular menstrual cycle and try to get you back through our many safe and effective treatment options.

Diagnose + treat a heavy flow

Heavy period flow during menstruation is a common symptom that women present to our OBGYNs at Essential Women's Health Associates. If you are experiencing heavy blood during your period, you should be concerned and see a specialist to help you figure out why. Call our office in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV for more information and to schedule a diagnostic consultation.

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