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Essential Women's Health Associates is a comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology practice ready to provide high-quality feminine care in Henderson and southwest Las Vegas, NV. We offer gynecologic, obstetric, diagnostic, and surgical services to women of all ages. With a cross-generational standard of care atmosphere, you can trust your feminine health with us at any age to help you enjoy your life.

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We have a team of board-certified or board-eligible obstetricians and gynecologists (OBGYNs) at Essential Women's Health Associates in Henderson and Las Vegas, NV ready to serve your feminine healthcare needs.

In order to serve the needs of our patients in the office and at the hospital for deliveries, we have adopted a patient-centered philosophy to have our OBGYNs in the office or at the hospital. Why? You deserve our attention. With doctors on call for deliveries, your appointment will never be postponed for someone else's baby being born or medical emergency. Our OBGYNs agree on many similar standards of care. You may see a different doctor each time you visit — but this also means shorter office visits. We look forward to meeting you at Essential Women's Health Associates.
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With two clinical facilities in Henderson and Las Vegas, NV, we are dedicated to serving women with comprehensive care. Each office is staffed with board-certified physicians who specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. We offer advanced and comprehensive care to women Monday through Friday during the day for scheduled appointments, but we also have a 24-hour response team should a need arise after hours in a hospital setting. We are here for our obstetric patients in labor to offer collective care around the clock as needed. When our patients need surgical or OB care, we perform gynecologic surgery and baby deliveries at St. Rose Dominican Siena Campus, St. Rose Dominican San Martin Campus, and Southern Hills Hospital. Outpatient surgeries are carried out at Parkway Surgery Center. We are here to serve Southwest Las Vegas, NV with office hours, planned deliveries, and emergency situations.

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"Well he delivered all four of my children in the last 19 years an let me tell you the best obgyn I've ever meet it's not easy being a doctor let alone a women's doctor an prego women at that I'd recommend him every time thanks Dr.H you the bomb "



"Dr. Garg has been one of the only doctors, in my experience, to make me feel at ease and feeling grateful after leaving appointments. He delivered my daughter in 2011 and had taken me in when I was in my third trimester and switched providers. It was a night and day difference. He genuinely listens. I've sat in the exam room in tears and he never made me feel judged or silly. He answers my questions and is very real and straightforward while providing empathy and understanding. I'm hesitant to refer him to others ONLY because I don't want him to have too many patients that he won't continue to see me too haha. I have been trying to stay with him as much as possible during this second pregnancy and wouldn't have it any other way."



"Dr. Garg performed my C-section and was amazing! I had some complications with previous pregnancies and he truly was an advocate for me and let me be an advocate for myself and respected my wishes. He answered all my questions and eased my worries when it came to delivery!"



"Dr Keith Brill  very good doctors . I have heavy blood and bad uterine I don’t know where I can find good doctors take care good but when I  met him I feel he have a lot experience and I choice him for my surgery . After a month he And Whasn group take care me I’m done my surgery in Henderson Hospital every one in hospital nice and helpful too. Thank again Dr brill Keith and everyone"



"I swore I would never see a male doctor until my insurance wouldn’t cover my RE for a surgery I needed and I went to dr brill. I honestly found him so sensitive, kind, thorough and honest. It was also the easiest recovery I have ever had from a surgery. I trust Dr. Brill."




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All of the health records created for medical services, surgical procedures, and treatments you receive at Essential Women's Health Associates will be handled with the utmost care and respect for your privacy. Our highly trained practitioners and medical staff will abide strictly by HIPPA regulations and guidelines.

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Henderson Location

2580 St. Rose Parkway, Ste 140

Henderson, NV 89074

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8:00am - 5:00pm


8:00am - 1:30pm

Las Vegas Location

8285 West Arby Ave, Ste 280

Las Vegas, NV 89113

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