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About Vaginal Dryness

Are you looking for a nonsurgical way to tighten your most intimate areas? At our Las Vegas and Henderson, NV locations, Essential Women's Health Associates provides relief from vaginal dryness. We have a seasoned team of board-certified or board-eligible OBGYNs that are trained to use this laser technology to help women with mild vaginal tissue atrophy after childbirth, menopause, weight loss, or natural aging. In amending the loose tissues, your functionality may be improved, as well as the outer aesthetic appearance of the skin. The MonaLisa Touch treatment with temperature-controlled heat has helped women with gynecological issues, such as incontinence, vaginal dryness, sexual dysfunction, and more.

How? The MonaLisa Touch works wonders by stimulating your body's natural collagen production response in about two sessions. Your treatment plan will be set up after your first consultation should you choose to go forward with treatment at our office. Please set up your initial consultation today.

A Word About Menopause

Menopause will create an imbalance in your hormone levels. Fewer hormones (like estrogen) can cause vaginal dryness, vaginal tissue degeneration, sexual dysfunction, and more. You may be experiencing many unpleasant side effects of menopause, which can include aesthetic and medical concerns. At Essential Women's Health Associates, we can add MonaLisa Touch sessions to your menopause treatment to manage your symptoms in a nonsurgical way.

What Are the Benefits of MonaLisa Touch Treatments?

Relief from vaginal dryness may be just 1 – 2 short sessions away with the MonaLisa Touch laser platform. Benefits of this treatment at Essential Women’s Health Associates in Las Vegas, NV include:

  • Increasing vaginal lubrication
  • Decreasing sexual dysfunction and pain
  • Rejuvenating vaginal tissues
  • Addressing vaginal laxity
  • Improving overall reproductive and sexual health
  • A noninvasive, nonsurgical treatment platform
  • Sessions often last 30 minutes or less

Am I A Candidate For MonaLisa Touch Treatments?

If you are considering having a MonaLisa Touch session at the recommendation of your Essential Women's Health Associates OBGYN, then you passed a thorough evaluation process to determine your eligibility. You will not be a candidate if you:

  • Are pregnant or had a baby within the last three months
  • Have an active or a dormant infection (bacterial, viral, yeast, or sexually transmitted infection)
  • Have a sore that will not heal or is slow to recover
  • Have lax internal vaginal muscles
  • Have excessive amounts of vaginal tissue due to weight loss or aging
  • Had vaginal reconstruction in the past
  • Have or had vaginal prolapse treatment with a mesh sling
  • Are currently going through radiation or had radiation
  • Are being treated for blood clots or the prevention of blood clots
  • Have any other medical conditions that would be compromised by the use of the laser technology

If surgery is not recommended at this time for your presenting symptoms, but you still have concerns to address, then the MonaLisa Touch can help with mild cases of incontinence, vaginal lubrication, muscle tone in the vaginal canal, improved comfort (less pain) during sexual intercourse, and more.

How Are Vaginal Dryness Treatments Performed?

Once you have completed our consultation process, the actual MonaLisa Touch session is just a few short minutes. As no anesthesia is required, this laser is very easy to prepare you for, and we implement the treatment in a private room. You will dress in a paper gown that has an opening in the front. We will ask that you sit or recline on the examination table in a position where the MonaLisa Touch can be inserted into your vaginal canal. With the wand inserted and the device set for your needs, the treatment will begin. You may feel a warm sensation as the CO2 laser ablates and coagulates your delicate vaginal tissues. As it breaks down the tissue, it also sends a message to your body that it should activate collagen rebuilding in the area. New collagen will make the tissue look and feel firmer and stronger. You do not have to worry about the MonaLisa Touch applicator getting too hot because we are highly trained to use this technology, and it has temperature sensors to keep you safe as well. Once it is over, you can get dressed and go home with no downtime. We do ask that you allow your body time to heal and not have sexual intercourse for about three days after your MonaLisa Touch session. You can be finished in our office in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV in less than 30 minutes. You may see results in 1 – 2 sessions.

What To Expect After Treatment

There is typically no recovery period or downtime after a MonaLisa Touch laser treatment session. You may resume your everyday activities upon the conclusion of the treatment. For maximal results, a member of our experienced team may recommend that you receive three treatments set one month apart. Many of our patients see improving results after each session, while some may not notice a difference for up to three months following the procedure. These results usually last up to 18 months, but annual touch-ups and follow-up treatments will help you retain them.

Other Considerations

Your treatment plan will be set up after your first consultation should you choose to go forward with the MonaLisa Touch sessions at our office. If you are wondering how many sessions it will take to get your best outcome, we can give you an estimate after seeing you during a physical exam. Every woman's body has its own uniqueness (especially when it comes to menopause). We will be upfront with you about what our nonsurgical technology can do for you and if we feel it will be beneficial in your case. The alternative for severe cases of vaginal atrophy would be surgical intervention. We can also recommend some hormonal supplementation for women in menopause that have imbalances causing the shift in their feminine health.

Vaginal Dryness FAQ

How much does laser treatment cost?

Vaginal dryness is a very common problem for women of all ages. If you are suffering from vaginal dryness and want an affordable treatment option, Essential Women's Health Associates is here to help. Pricing is usually based on how many sessions are needed to achieve the appropriate outcome. We create easy financing options so patients can afford their procedures.

Can I combine this with other procedures?

Yes, laser treatments can be combined with other procedures based on your symptoms and goals. However, it's best to meet with a professional before moving forward with this decision in Las Vegas and Henderson. Our seasoned OBGYNs can help you explore your options during an assessment for vaginal dryness.

How is the recovery from laser treatment?

There is no downtime for this procedure because no incisions or stitches are involved. You can resume all normal activities immediately after your laser appointment. Patients experience a minimal amount of discomfort and will be given a set of detailed instructions for aftercare.

Can lifestyle changes help manage vaginal dryness?
Yes, lifestyle changes can be instrumental in managing symptoms of vaginal dryness. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water, maintaining a balanced diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids and phytoestrogens (found in flaxseeds, soy, and nuts), and avoiding irritants such as scented soaps and douches can alleviate discomfort. Additionally, regular, gentle sexual activity or masturbation can improve blood flow to the genital area, potentially enhancing natural lubrication.

Are there any natural remedies recommended for vaginal dryness?
Some individuals find relief from vaginal dryness through natural remedies, though it's important to consult a healthcare provider before trying them. Vitamin E suppositories and natural oils like coconut oil or vitamin E oil can be used as lubricants, but they should not be used with latex condoms as oils can degrade latex. Regular intake of phytoestrogen-rich foods may also help, though scientific evidence on the efficacy of these remedies varies.

How does menopause affect vaginal dryness?
Menopause is a significant factor in the development of vaginal dryness for many women. During menopause, the body produces less estrogen, a hormone that helps keep the lining of the vagina lubricated, thick, and elastic. As estrogen levels decline, the vaginal tissue may become thinner, drier, and less elastic, leading to discomfort and dryness. Hormone therapy or estrogen-based treatments may be recommended for menopausal women experiencing severe symptoms.

MLT For Gynecologic Health

Discover what laser technology can do for your gynecologic health with the MonaLisa Touch at our Henderson or Las Vegas, NV offices of Essential Women's Health Associates. We offer this vaginal tightening of your soft tissues for some renewal after childbirth, weight loss, advanced aging, and menopausal issues from hormonal (estrogen) imbalances. If you would like to consult with our experienced team of board-certified or board-eligible OBGYNs, please call one of our friendly patient care coordinators to set up a consultation. We look forward to showing you what the MonaLisa Touch laser can do for your livelihood.

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