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If you would like to read reviews about our doctors and medical personnel at Essential Women's Health Associates, this is the section of our website that can give you valuable information about our team. As a leading obstetric and gynecological practice in Las Vegas, NV, Essential Women's Health Associates offers feminine healthcare in all stages of life. The overriding principle that governs how we practice medicine is trust. We value our relationships with our patients and will take the time to listen to your needs and concerns. Our goal is to deliver an unprecedented level of care, service, and satisfaction in a comfortable and caring environment. Please take a few minutes and read through our patient testimonials from women who have experienced our services from well-woman exams, gynecological surgery, diagnostic evaluations, fertility screening, prenatal and pregnancy care, labor and delivery, and advanced menopause management. These testimonials are written in their own words, and we hope you find these reviews encouraging and helpful in your search for your next OBGYN.

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Review from R.M.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Feb 15, 2018

My wife saw Dr. Garg to have an IUD placed. I  was nervous because I had to literally hold her down for a PAP smear! He did a great job of explaining the procedure to my wife and answering her questions. He started the procedure and before we knew it he was finished! Wow, I could not believe how gentle he was and his technique was obviously superior! I thought, "wow there is no way she could have tolerated that procedure so well." Both my wife and I were very impressed with him. I am planning to have my wife see him now for her care for as long as he practices. More

Review from R.D.  |  Source: Healthgrades  |  May 28, 2016

Dr Garg is amazing. I have been going to him since 2009. He left a different practice in 2014 and I made a mistake of continuing to go to them because I wanted continuity of care for my chronic pelvic pain. It was a big mistake. I made my way into seeing Dr Garg again and without my medical records he remembered most things about me and my history. He had me diagnosed within minutes and surgery scheduled within two weeks. More

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