Meet Our Team

9 Team Members
  • Tiffany Hendrix

    Tiffany Hendrix

    Certified Physician Assistant

    Tiffany Hendrix, our certified physician assistant, can perform colposcopies, biopsies, intrauterine devices, and Nexplanon contraception implants.

  • Dr. Arthur Herpolsheimer

    Dr. Arthur Herpolsheimer

    Board-certified OBGYN

    Dr. Arthur Herpolsheimer is a board-certified OBGYN at Essential Women's Health Associates with more than 20 years of clinical gynecologic experience.

  • Lauren Fergus

    Lauren Fergus


    Lauren is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. She performs all routine GYN exams, IUD and Nexplanon contraception, and routine prenatal care.

  • Dr. Samantha Schoenhaus

    Dr. Samantha Schoenhaus

    Board-Certified OBGYN

    As a Board-Certifed doctor of osteopathic medicine and OBGYN, Dr. Samantha Schoenhaus assists women in relation to feminine health.

  • Dr. Amit Garg

    Dr. Amit Garg

    Board-certified OBGYN

    Board-certified OBGYN Dr. Amit Garg specializes in minimally invasive surgery using laparoscopic, hysteroscopic, and robot-assisted technologies.

  • Dr. Keith Brill

    Dr. Keith Brill

    Board-certified OBGYN

    Dr. Keith Brill is certified through the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and he has academic appointments at UNLV and Touro University.

  • Dr. Jocelyn Ivie

    Dr. Jocelyn Ivie

    Board-certified OBGYN

    Dr. Jocelyn Ivie is board certified with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and she will help you make the decisions about your health.

  • Dr. Marisa Shiode

    Dr. Marisa Shiode


    A skilled OBGYN, Dr. Marisa Shiode is trained and dedicated to ensuring women's unique health needs are understood and attended to compassionately.

  • Dr. Edmond Pack

    Dr. Edmond Pack

    Board-certified OBGYN

    Dr. Edmond Pack was the first general gynecologist in Nevada to perform robotic-assisted surgery and teach other OBGYNs these surgical techniques.