Three Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before Having a Robotic Hysterectomy

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While many people hope to avoid surgery if possible, there are some cases when surgery is necessary and can actually lead to improved health and a better overall quality of life. Still, our caring team at Essential Women's Health Associates in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV understands that there are some downsides of surgery that aren't ideal, and we are proud to offer minimally invasive robotic procedures when deemed an appropriate option. For hysterectomy specifically, a robotic approach can often be used to safely remove the uterus and help women find relief from a variety of symptoms and conditions while reducing the risk of certain side effects and shortening recovery time compared with open surgery. Here, board-certified OBGYN Dr. Samantha Schoenhaus shares information about what to expect when facing a robotic hysterectomy, including three important questions to ask your surgeon that can help you feel comfortable, confident, and well-prepared for your procedure.

What's the difference between a traditional hysterectomy vs. robotic hysterectomy?

Before outlining three questions to ask about a robotic hysterectomy, it is important to understand what the procedure is and how it differs from a traditional (open) hysterectomy. While an open hysterectomy, which is performed to remove part or all of a woman's uterus, requires a lengthy horizontal incision across the abdomen, a robotic hysterectomy involves a series of tiny incisions, through which robotic instruments and a laparoscopic camera are inserted that aid the surgeon's movements in extracting some or all of the uterus. Some of the primary benefits of a robotic hysterectomy vs. open hysterectomy include fewer intraoperative risks, a shorter recovery period, and less scarring. Still, both procedures can be used to address a variety of gynecologic symptoms and conditions, including:

What questions should I ask before a robotic hysterectomy?

Because each woman's case is unique, Dr. Schoenhaus will take ample time to perform a thorough evaluation, review health and medical history, and answer all questions a patient may have prior to surgery. While the questions to ask before a hysterectomy will vary somewhat based on the patient's individual case factors and other variables, three essential questions to consider asking your robotic hysterectomy surgeon include:

1. How long will my robotic hysterectomy recovery take?

Asking this question is important for allowing patients to plan ahead for time away from work, help with household chores, and other considerations. On average, women can typically expect recovery after a robotic hysterectomy to take a few weeks, though it may be possible to return to desk work and light routines earlier.

2. Will my sex life change after robotic hysterectomy?

Many women worry about how their sexual function may change after a hysterectomy. In many cases, however, women find that their sexual satisfaction and function actually improve following robotic hysterectomy surgery because their unwanted symptoms that previously made intercourse difficult or uncomfortable — like pelvic pain and heavy bleeding — resolve.

3. Does a robotic hysterectomy force you into early menopause?

Again, it is important to remember that each woman's situation is unique, and Dr. Schoenhaus will discuss what you can expect after your surgery based on the specific approach used, any underlying or concurrent conditions you may have, and other factors. Generally speaking, patients who undergo removal of the uterus alone — meaning the ovaries are left intact — do not experience early menopause symptoms.

Whether you are already facing a hysterectomy or suspect that you may benefit from the removal of the uterus, don't hesitate to call our office to learn more about your options for hysterectomy surgery at either our convenient Henderson or Las Vegas location.

Take charge of your health and comfort with robotic hysterectomy in Las Vegas, NV

Uterine conditions and symptoms can range from a mild nuisance to a life-threatening problem. In either case, a robotic hysterectomy may be an appropriate, suitable, or even necessary step. To learn more about your options for uterine removal and the benefits of a robotic hysterectomy specifically, call Essential Women's Health Associates to schedule your private consultation with Las Vegas board-certified OBGYN Dr. Samantha Schoenhaus today.

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