Can I Have A VBAC Delivery if I've Had More Than Two C-Sections?

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A cesarean section (C-section) is a surgery used to deliver a baby, and it may be required when vaginal delivery is not possible. But can you have a vaginal birth after more than one C-section? The answer depends on many factors, but it may be more difficult.

Essential Women's Health Associates wants each patient to have the safest and most comfortable delivery possible. This is why board-certified OBGYN Dr. Samantha Schoenhaus takes the time to educate patients about VBACs (vaginal births after cesarean) and the risks and benefits involved.

Are you considering a VBAC delivery? Call us in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV for a consultation. We empower you with the resources and tools needed to make informed decisions about your care.

What is a VBAC?

Patients who once delivered a baby via C-section and are now pregnant again may choose between a repeat cesarean or vaginal birth. There are a few reasons why a woman may opt for a VBAC, including:

  • Avoiding another surgery: A cesarean section is an invasive procedure that comes with risks and complications.

  • Faster healing: Recovery from a vaginal delivery is usually quicker than recovery from a cesarean.

  • Natural delivery: Some women feel more comfortable delivering vaginally and view it as a natural process.

Who is not eligible for a VBAC?

Women who want information about VBACs should meet with Dr. Schoenhaus for a health evaluation. Though it is possible to have a VBAC delivery after one or more C-sections, it is not always safe for the mother or baby. Essential Women's Health Associates takes these factors into consideration when making recommendations in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV:

  • Age: Women over 40 are at higher risk for complications during vaginal birth and may require a cesarean.

  • Weight: Research has shown that significant weight gain between pregnancies can affect your chances of a successful VBAC.

  • The kind of incision made during a previous C-section: A high vertical uterine incision is more likely to cause a rupture during labor.

  • Previous rupture: You are not a candidate for a VBAC if your uterus ruptured during a previous pregnancy.

  • History of uterine fibroids: These noncancerous growths in the uterus can make a VBAC delivery more difficult.

Should I get a cesarean or VBAC?

The answer is different for every woman. C-sections are an effective way to deliver a baby, and they may be necessary when a vaginal delivery is not feasible. Essential Women's Health Associates always makes recommendations based on the health of the mother and baby whenever possible.

We understand that each patient is different, and our team is here to provide support and guidance every step of the way. Dr. Schoenhaus can help you have a safe and healthy delivery.

Ensure a successful delivery

VBACs are not right for every woman, but if it is something you are considering, Essential Women's Health Associates is here to help. Dr. Samantha Schoenhaus and our staff are passionate about providing individualized care for patients in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.

Learn more about your delivery options or schedule a consultation by calling our office today. We are dedicated to helping patients make the best decisions during pregnancy and childbirth.

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